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Exchange Rates

Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
Euro 1.42251 CAD 1.47605 CAD
US Dollar 1.34201 CAD 1.37397 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.65465 CAD 1.72373 CAD
Japanese Yen 0.00950 CAD 0.01008 CAD
Turkish Lira 0.06170 CAD 0.06991 CAD
Israeli New Shekel 0.34784 CAD 0.38062 CAD
Mexican Peso 0.07404 CAD 0.08057 CAD
Bitcoin BTC 34,822.88530 CAD 38,488.45218 CAD
Vietnamese Dong 0.00004 CAD 0.00009 CAD
Bahraini dinar 3.35653 CAD 3.86181 CAD
Bulgarian lev 0.69668 CAD 0.77821 CAD
Australian Dollar 0.85306 CAD 0.91022 CAD
Swiss Franc 1.46545 CAD 1.51753 CAD
New Zealand Dollar 0.78657 CAD 0.83548 CAD
Indian Rupee 0.01546 CAD 0.01744 CAD
Hong Kong Dollar 0.16503 CAD 0.18154 CAD
Iraqi Dinar 0.00088 CAD 0.00125 CAD
Swedish Krona 0.12202 CAD 0.12887 CAD
UAE Dirham (AED) 0.35742 CAD 0.38890 CAD
Korean Won 0.00098 CAD 0.00111 CAD
Danish Krone 0.09716 CAD 0.20209 CAD
Czech Koruna 0.05852 CAD 0.06401 CAD
Omani Rial 3.33986 CAD 3.71095 CAD
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 0.35560 CAD 0.39265 CAD
Philippine Peso 0.02245 CAD 0.02595 CAD
Malaysian Ringgit 0.27711 CAD 0.31249 CAD
Kuwaiti Dinar 4.17711 CAD 4.66333 CAD
Polish Zloty 0.30645 CAD 0.33199 CAD
Taiwan Dollar 0.04136 CAD 0.04778 CAD
East Carribean Dollar 0.47568 CAD 0.54364 CAD
CFP Franc 0.01144 CAD 0.01302 CAD
Romanian New Leu 0.27833 CAD 0.31330 CAD
Singapore Dollar 0.95310 CAD 1.05342 CAD
Thai Baht 0.03699 CAD 0.04110 CAD
South African Rand 0.06605 CAD 0.07258 CAD
Jamaican Dollar 0.00841 CAD 0.00929 CAD
Dominican Peso 0.02386 CAD 0.02673 CAD
Chilean Peso 0.00161 CAD 0.00180 CAD
Colombian Peso 0.00030 CAD 0.00033 CAD
Fiji Dollar 0.57185 CAD 0.65011 CAD
Jordanian Dinar 1.81995 CAD 2.06900 CAD
Iceland Krona 0.00919 CAD 0.01035 CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 0.18366 CAD 0.20088 CAD
Hungarian Forint 0.00371 CAD 0.00418 CAD
Indonesian Rupiah 0.00008 CAD 0.00011 CAD
Pakistan Rupee 0.00424 CAD 0.00533 CAD

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