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Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
US Dollar 1.20552 CAD 1.22739 CAD
Bitcoin BTC 44,098.16897 CAD 50,736.60301 CAD
Euro 1.45609 CAD 1.49286 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.69829 CAD 1.72745 CAD
Vietnamese Dong 0.00004 CAD 0.00010 CAD
Bahraini dinar 3.12504 CAD 3.31834 CAD
Bulgarian lev 0.72976 CAD 0.77490 CAD
Brunei dollar 0.88687 CAD 0.94173 CAD
Australian Dollar 0.89865 CAD 0.97353 CAD
Swiss Franc 1.29828 CAD 1.40646 CAD
Japanese Yen 0.01063 CAD 0.01151 CAD
New Zealand Dollar 0.78977 CAD 0.90693 CAD
Turkish Lira 0.12315 CAD 0.16516 CAD
Israeli New Shekel 0.27269 CAD 0.40343 CAD
Mexican Peso 0.05198 CAD 0.06727 CAD
Indian Rupee 0.01211 CAD 0.01808 CAD
Hong Kong Dollar 0.11430 CAD 0.16363 CAD
Croatian Kuna 0.14336 CAD 0.21210 CAD
Swedish Krona 0.10654 CAD 0.15105 CAD
UAE Dirham (AED) 0.24152 CAD 0.35070 CAD
Korean Won 0.00080 CAD 0.00118 CAD
Danish Krone 0.14439 CAD 0.20570 CAD
Czech Koruna 0.04225 CAD 0.06251 CAD
Omani Rial 2.30252 CAD 3.43801 CAD
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 0.22680 CAD 0.34175 CAD
Philippine Peso 0.01856 CAD 0.02771 CAD
Malaysian Ringgit 0.21563 CAD 0.31164 CAD
Kuwaiti Dinar 2.95069 CAD 4.26435 CAD
Polish Zloty 0.23870 CAD 0.35314 CAD
Taiwan Dollar 0.03204 CAD 0.04740 CAD
East Carribean Dollar 0.32825 CAD 0.48563 CAD
CFP Franc 0.00902 CAD 0.01323 CAD
Romanian New Leu 0.21839 CAD 0.32160 CAD
Russian Rouble 0.01231 CAD 0.01838 CAD
Singapore Dollar 0.66882 CAD 0.95284 CAD
Thai Baht 0.02854 CAD 0.04153 CAD
South African Rand 0.06458 CAD 0.09465 CAD
Jamaican Dollar 0.00591 CAD 0.00874 CAD
Dominican Peso 0.01552 CAD 0.02275 CAD
Chilean Peso 0.00123 CAD 0.00180 CAD
Colombian Peso 0.00024 CAD 0.00038 CAD
Fiji Dollar 0.43655 CAD 0.64585 CAD
Jordanian Dinar 1.25130 CAD 1.85124 CAD
Iceland Krona 0.00649 CAD 0.01069 CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 0.13864 CAD 0.19942 CAD
Hungarian Forint 0.00308 CAD 0.00452 CAD
Indonesian Rupiah 0.00007 CAD 0.00011 CAD
Bangladeshi Taka 0.01042 CAD 0.01570 CAD
Pakistan Rupee 0.00504 CAD 0.00869 CAD


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At TCE, we have been always striving to provide our customers with the most competitive exchange rates of the Forex market. It is and always has been our aim to keep our profit mark up as low as possible and deliver the the most economic deals to our clients. We cover our over heads and administrative costs by increasing the number of transactions rather than high percentage commissions charged o an individual customers. We have observed the trends in the market and the customers’ needs over time to time and formulated an effective strategy for purchasing the currency at the right time and from the right Place.

We are in this business for more than 25 years now and such a vast experience has given us many competitive advantages to be able to bet the competition of local and national currency exchange dealers. We also benefit from the economies of scale as we deal in almost every currency of the world and due to large number of currency conversions every day in Toronto we purchase and resell currency in large volumes. Besides All these factors there is a very important factor which make us the market leader.

Apart from the experience and volume of transactions we also have some very robust resources and competencies which allow us to be able to give you the best possible rates. Our highly qualified and well experienced staff is capable of getting the best out the foreign exchange market. We always keep an eye on the current rates and indexes and we make sure that we get the most desired currency for our customers at the lowest rates so our customers also get the best. We also have experience in Forex trading and Corporate Forex services which we proudly offer to local  businesses.

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