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Turkish Lira Drops as Government Fights Curruption

admin  /   December 21, 2013

turkey' lira dropping down

 Turkish Currency “Lira”

The Turkish currency “Lira” dropped down about 1.5%, on the December 20th of 2013, to 2.0982 per Canadian dollar. It is the lowest the Lira has ever been since 1981. Just previously it was trading 0.9% low in Istanbul. It dropped to almost 1.2% of 2.8681 compared to one Euro. the 2 year benchmark note rose up with 25 points 9% , which is the best they had ever been.

The risk which are rationally attached to a country’s Forex performance tend to have worsen as Mr. Onder, the chairman of PYA commented on a telephone call from the capital of Turkey “Istanbul”. He added that the foreign investing companies could not difest the fact that had jut happened for a couple of days and the evacuation of market as deemed to be the most rational response from a trader, was in effect for about 2 weeks.

It is quite an opportunity of many of those who can accurately analyse the and predict the future trends and yield great out of trading into the risky Lira.