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Jhon Alex  /   May 10, 2016


Rate:      CAD

1 CAD$=      CHF


Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, famous for its scenic beauty. It is home to high peaks of the Alps, numerous lakes and medieval landmarks. It is a popular holiday destination owing to its ski resorts and hiking trails, not to forget the famous chocolates and Swiss watches. Banking and finance are the key industries. Mixing business with pleasure is as as easy as it gets in Switzerland. Let TCE take care of your money matters, while you plan that business and pleasure trip to Switzerland.

Swiss Francs

The franc is the official currency of Switzerland. It is also used in Liechtenstein. The sign is Fr and the code is CHF. Each Franc is divided into 100 Rappen. The current Franc of Swiss confederation has been in use since 1850.

Benefits of Using TCE

 Superior Exchange Rates

TCE offers the best exchange rates, unavailable in any other bank or exchange bureau in Canada. Our customers never overpay, as there are no hidden charges. Our specialized customer services cater specifically to individual customer needs.

Online Ordering Facility

TCE offers an online ordering facility, where you can get your currency exchanged from the comfort of your home using your Interac debit card.

Home Delivery Services

With the online ordering facility, there is the option of home delivery. Your exchanged currency is delivered through Canada post within two business days.