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Jhon Alex  /   April 25, 2016


Rate:      CAD

1 CAD$=       BRL-R$


With the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio, it comes as no surprise that all sports enthusiasts are heading to Rio. So why not you? Go ahead and let TCE take care of your money matters while you plan your trip to Brazil. At TCE, we offer the best available rates for currency exchange, which you can order online right from the comfort of your own home.


Brazilian Real

Brazilian Real is the official currency of Brazil and was introduced in 1994, to replace the old currency, the Cruzeiro Real. The sign is R$  and currency code is BRL. Each Brazilian Real is divided into 100 centavos or cents.


Advantages of Using TCE


Superior Exchange Rates

TCE offers superior exchange rates than any other bank or exchange bureau in Canada. There are no hidden charges, in fact, customers end up saving money instead of paying over the top.


Online Ordering Facility

If you are busy and don’t have enough time on your hands, you can simply order online by making a payment through your Interac debit card and picking it up at your convenience from any of our stores.


Home Delivery

TCE offers the home delivery option to all of its customers, who are short on time. It is safe, reliable and quick. The package is delivered through Canada post within two business days.